Pioneer Steam & Gas Engine Society

Pioneer Steam And Gas Engine Society Pulling Rules 2017
(updated January 2017)

Must be a member of Pioneer Steam and Gas Engine Society to pull.

  1. Open to tractors 1960 and older.
  2. Weights must be securely fastened. Any lost parts shall be grounds for disqualification.
  3. All tractors will be in stock condition as they came from the factory with no pulling enhancing modifications. Stock Block and naturally aspirated (exception: tractors originally equipped from the factory with GM two–stroke diesel engines). Stock head, manifold, carburetor, and air cleaner. Replacement manifolds are to be parts accepted for that make and model tractor. Stock engine RPM. Engine parts not in parts books for that specific tractor cannot be used.
  4. No racing or aviation gasoline octane booster permitted. Tractors subject to dynamometer test on the fuel used during the pull.
  5. All tires are to be no larger or smaller than one size over or under factory original. No cut tires, radial tires, or chains.
  6. Tractors will pull from factory original draw bar as measured at top of drawbar or at pull point, stationary in all directions, with a 17” maximum height and a 22” minimum length from center of axle (6500 lb. class and under), 20” maximum height and 25” minimum length from the center of the axle (7000 LB. class and over).
  7. Factory clevis or shackle may be used, straight or twisted type with a minimum of 2-1/2” hole, bolted or pinned tightly with spacer to drawbar. The drawbar must remain inside the opening if the clevis. Pull plate material will be allowed. Material cannot be thinner than ?” and not thicker than 1-1/4” with a minimum of ?” thickness around the hole. Plate must have minimum of 2-1/2” hole. Any tractor pulling from a NON fixed drawbar ( i.e.: draft control, three point hitch or two point hitch) must secure the hitch in a locked position. All tractors without stationary hitches will pull Exhibition Only. TOP OF HITCH ADJUSTER CANNOT BE ABOVE CENTERLINE OF AXLE OR HUB. Except for factory mounts.
  8. All tractors will be checked by the tech crew and could be subject to dynamometer and tachometer testing. All decisions of the tech crew and or safety committee and track officials are final.
  9. Track officials will stop the pull at any time they feel the tractor or driver is unsafe and or the front wheels have exceeded a height of 16”.
  10. No shifting of gears during the pull (including torque amplifiers).
  11. Minimum age of driver will be 16 years old. Tech crew will determine if the driver is capable. Driver cannot be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Driver must remain seated. Driver must weigh-in tractor and may be subject to be reweighed after pulling.
  12. Participants can be disqualified for being discourteous to other participants or to the officials.
  13. APPEARANCE: Only parts in the parts book for that model of tractor are allowed. Seats must be stock or a replacement seat with stock mountings. Replacement alternators or straight exhaust pipes are allowed. Stock side shields allowed if factory equipped. Tractor and wheel weights will be to a width, not to exceed 8’6”.
  14. Speed limit of 3-1/2 MPH may be enforced at any pull.
  16. 2500 lbs. and under 4000 lbs. and under 6000 lbs. and under 8000 lbs. and under
    3000 lbs. and under 4500 lbs. and under 6500 lbs. and under 10,000 lbs. and under
    3500 lbs. and under 5000 lbs. and under 7000 lbs. and under  
    3750 lbs. and under 5500 lbs. and under 7500 lbs. and under

    16. Rules subject to change.

    NOTE: Pulling schedule at the Summer Show is as follow:
    Saturday: Weigh-in 9:00 to 11:30 am; Registration will close at Noon; Pull at 2:00 pm.
    Sunday: Weight-in 10:00 to 11:30 am.; Registration will close at Noon; Pull at 1:30 pm.
    Saturday July 15 we will start at 2,500 lb. and go to 10,000 lb.
    Sunday July 16 we will start at 10,000 lb. and go to 2,500 lb.

    Spring and Fall Dates and Times:
    Saturday, June 3: Registration will close at 11:30 am; Pull at 12:30 pm.
    Saturday, October 14: Registration will close at 11:30 am; Pull at 12:30 pm.

    Must be a member of Pioneer Steam and Gas Engine Society to pull.

Tire Sizes and Area in Square Inches

11.2 x 38 = 120 sq. in. 11.2 x 36 = 115 sq. in.
12.4 x 28 = 126 sq. in. 13.6 x 24 = 130 sq. in.
12.4 x 36 = 135 sq. in. 12.4 x 38 = 140 sq. in.
13.6 x 28 = 145 sq. in. 14.9 x 26 = 144 sq. in.
13.6 x 38 = 168 sq. in. 14.9 x 28 = 170 sq. in.
14.9 x 38 = 200 sq. in. 15.5 x 38 = 189 sq. in.
16.9 x 34 = 229 sq. in. 16.9 x 38 = 252 sq. in.
18.4 x 34 = 284 sq. in.
18.4 x 28 = 250 sq. in.  
18.4 x 38 = 300 sq. in.  

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